espace bien etre 17In this former apartment arranged duplex, you will find 'letting go' space upstairs where reigns an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Relaxing and invigorating massages

All care preparations are 100% natural and a majority of them from organic agriculture and are made by my care of so that everyone can take advantage of optimum way of active ingredients of ingredients.

Even though it's natural products of allergic skin reactions may occur.

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A space of relaxation and letting go where you can let go.

It is the massage well be in all its simplicity.
The art of touch in its pure essence.

Here no complicated name, ambiguous or pompous and still less medical.

Between the tonic and relaxing massage: what differentiates them is simply the method, in all cases the result will be a lightness, a well being, tension gone.

You are offered a multitude of treatments: facials, beauty, wellness treatments